ProjectM Music Visualizer Pro v4.22 APK Free Download

ProjectM Music Visualizer is known to be one of the most advanced music visualizers available on Android. This app is one of the top music visualizers from all available on PlayStore. The project Music Visualizer consists of the best soothing graphics, a great variety of presets, and gives the most response to music on about any and every Android device. The manual and working of this app are quite easy and simple, making it a soothing as well as an attractive app for anyone to use. The project Music Visualizer app can be used in 2 ways i.e. as a live wallpaper app or can be used alone as a music visualizer.

ProjectM Music Visualizer Pro v4.22 APK Download

This app smartly detects and smoothly visualizes any kind of sound that is playing on your Android device. Although it doesn’t always need music to start visualizing as if your phone wouldn’t have any sound playing than the app would simply visualize the microphone input.  Mainly, this app is a rewrite of the well-known app “MilkDrop”, but the working and features of the project Music Visualizer include more advanced and modern technology. Yet still, the project Music Visualizer is perfectly compatible with the presets of MilkDrop. This app includes a wide variety of visual effects while allowing you to adjust the size and texture while increasing the performance of the whole app and its outlook.ProjectM Music Visualizer Pro v4.22 APK Free Download_001

project Music Visualizer Pro v4.22 APK Features:

  • A newly added feature of this app includes its support with Chromecast.
  • The project Music Visualizer Pro app includes a wide range of 200 visual effects.
  • The app allows you to choose from various options including the configuration of graphical quality and choosing between live wallpaper mode, daydream mode and standalone mode.
  • The music player controls that work with this app include Google Music, PowerAMP and Stock Player.ProjectM Music Visualizer Pro v4.22 APK Free

project Music Visualizer Pro v4.22 APK Technical Details:

  • Size: 7.4 MB
  • Package name: ProjectM Music Visualizer Pro
  • Updated version: v4.22
  • Last updated: not specified.
  • Category: Music and Audio
  • Price: not specified.
  • Developer: Sperl Heavy IndustriesProjectM Music Visualizer Pro v4.22 APK

Download project music Visualizer Pro v4.22 APK:

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