Photo Translator Pro v7.7.6 APK Download

The Photo Translator Pro translates photos for you easily by taking pictures from the camera or by choosing pictures from the gallery.  The Photo Translator helps to turn your camera into a translator and keeps you at ease even at places ocr pictures whose language you aren’t very fond of. Once you take a photo or choose from the gallery, the Photo Translator translates it directly on the image with the text that needs to be translated. Photo Translator is widely used as a handy translator to solve any language problem that may occur. Its functions and working are quite easy to understand and make use of, as it can be easily used on any mobile device without any device lagging issue.

Photo Translator Pro v7.7.6 APK Download

Photo Translator translates word of almost every single language you can think of and can also translate in them accordingly. To be certain, Photo Translator translates over 100+ languages or in 100+ languages and supports with accurate information as is of the desired language. The Photo Translator provides you with a variety of options while translating or taking images to translate and provides a smooth and efficient result overall. Photo Translator is an efficient app that translates photos and provides results faster than ever. The translator has achieved a large number of downloads from around the world and is trusted by many. Even though the Photo Translator takes large space but it still works efficiently and smoothly on any and every device without making it lag much.Photo Translator Pro v7.7.6 APK

Photo Translator Pro v7.7.6 APK Features:

  • The Photo Translator detects the type of languages automatically with high accuracy.
  • Its translating speed is quite fast and accurate.
  • The Photo Translator supports more than 100+ languages, making it useful in almost everywhere in the world.
  • There’s no limit to the photos you can translate on this device, as it accepts unlimited photo’s to translate.
  • Photo Translator consists of the most advanced OCR technology making its accuracy and speed more efficient.
  • The translations are directly provided on the photo which needs to be translated.
  • It works smoothly without making the device lag much and supports all devices.Photo Translator Pro v7.7.6 APK Free

Photo Translator Pro v7.7.6 APK Technical Details:

  • Size: 25.83 MB
  • Package Name: Photo Translator Pro
  • Current Version: v7.7.6
  • Updated: January 6, 2020
  • Category: Productivity
  • Price: Free and Paid
  • Developer: EVOLLY.APPPhoto Translator Pro v7.7.6 APK Free download

Download Photo Translator Pro v7.7.6 APK:

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