Notepad by Splend Apps v1.69 APK Download

Notepad by Splend Apps is your personal digital diary that can be used to jot down whatever is on your mind without the need to carry a diary or pen. Notepad by Splendid is free to use the app with all the features to help to remember, organize or simply write your mind. With the busyness of daily routine, you can lose track of things with Notepad by Splendid reminders which can be set as recurring you won’t forget anything important on your daily agenda.

Notepad by Splendid Apps v1.69 APK Download

Notepad app also provides a sticky note feature with a bold title so that it catches your eye. Forgetting things while grocery or doing daily chores won’t happen when you have a notepad with you, Features like task lists, to-do lists and shopping lists with check boxes will help you keep track of chores and items. Recording voice whether its a lecture or just your thoughts is easily don’t with the help of the app that records high-quality voice memos and users with a disability can use speech to text feature to write down memo with having to type it themselves. Aspiring musicians and writers can use this app to write songs or texts with ease and keep the text organized with tagging feature and pinning the favorites, the user won’t have to worry about losing data as it can be backed up and restored by synchronizing with Google Drive and Dropbox. Notepad by Splendid App is a must-have app for everyone whether it’s making a to-do list, writing down the description for your novel or lyrics of your upcoming song.

Notepad by Splendid Apps v1.69 APK Free Download

Notepad by Splendid Apps v1.69 APK Features

  • Basic memo where you can write down in any length
  • Users can use different colors for the notes, where the user can add Task lists, to-do lists, shopping lists and even attach photos.
  • Notepad can be used to record high-quality voice memos and with Speech to text accessibility users with special needs can make memos with ease.
  • Reminders which make notify you by blinking led.
  • Notes can be organized with tags and can be easily searched with the tag.
  • Notes can be backed up and restored
  • With the help of the widget, you can quickly get a resizable note.
  • Notes can be shared via SMS, email, facebook or other apps.

Notepad by Splendid Apps v1.69 APK Free

1998 Cam Pro v1.7.1

  • Size: 5.3
  • Package Name: Notepad
  • Current Version: 1.69
  • Updated: December 12, 2019
  • Category: Productivity
  • Price: Free with in-app purchases
  • Developer: Splend AppsNotepad by Splendid Apps v1.69 APK

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