Flux – Substratum Theme v5.4.4 APK Download

The Flux Substratum Theme is designed with great focus and detail in order to provide pixels that can actually change your phone’s look completely. The Flux – Substratum Theme makes your phone’s interface transform into a lot more modern while giving you the feels as you make use of it. The Flex Substratum Theme provides you with such high-quality vector graphics interphase as well as other features for your phone, that it makes using any and every phone a lot more fun and interesting than it ever was. The dark and vibrant Flux Substratum Theme of this app makes your phone look more vibrant, yet it is only compatible with the Substratum engine only.

Flux – Substratum Theme v5.4.4 APK Download

This Substratum Theme app works efficiently and smoothly on devices as long as it is made use of on only devices that are completely compatible with this app. This app also provides its users with some main and major FAQs regarding the working and functioning of this app. Once you’ve downloaded the Flux Substratum Theme app on your Android device that is compatible with it and have also gone through the FAQs once; you can be assured to not face any further complications in the working of this app. Now with the help of a single Flux Substratum Theme app, it’s time you beautify your phone’s interface while keeping it more modern and classy.Flux – Substratum Theme v5.4.4 APK

Flux – Substratum Theme v5.4.4 APK Features:

  • The Flux Substratum theme app works as a light and compatible phone interface beautifying app that can be downloaded easily.
  • This amazing phone beautifying app has received great appraisal making it around 10,000+ downloads.
  • Now you can even add-in a custom fingerprint icon on your device with the latest updates of the app, making your phone’s look subtle and complete.
  • You can even choose full black backgrounds for your AMOLED screen’s classic look, instead of having just a dark theme.
  • You can add-in more beautify to your phone’s interface making it more classic while usage than ever.Flux – Substratum Theme v5.4.4 free

Flux – Substratum Theme v5.4.4 APK Technical Details:

  • Size: 8.89 MB
  • Package name: Flux – Substratum Theme
  • Updated version: v5.4.4
  • Last updated: February 1, 2020
  • Category: personalization
  • Price: paid
  • Developer: giannisgx89Flux – Substratum Theme v5.4.4

Download Flux – Substratum Theme v5.4.4 APK:

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