Fast Reboot Pro v5.2 APK Download

The Fast Reboot app works as an automatic phone rebooting application that stimulates a reboot ad makes your phone memory gets freed and working more smoother. A variety of processes are available in this reboot app that you can select from whether you want to include or exclude in your phone’s reboot process. The app comes with a user-friendly widget and a direct shortcut tool for users to easily start their phone rebooting without going through the hassle of opening the app every time. The app works forth freeing up the memory of the phone by starting a reboot that closes or restarts all the configurable applications on the phone, making them work more smoothly and faster. The Fast Reboot app also allows you to have the option of automatically fast rebooting your device every time you unlock your mobile device.

Fast Reboot Pro v5.2 APK Download

This makes your phone work faster than ever and working smoother, despite how much large or heavy app you tend to use on your device. The Fast Reboot Pro also allows you to choose whether you want to make your device undergo a fast reboot every time you’re done working on it or when you’re battery goes lower than 30%. The Fast Reboot Pro is a perfect application for everyone who finds their mobile device lagging or hanging in between the usage on any high or low memory taking app, as it works on all apps and devices making the performance faster and smoother than ever.Fast Reboot Pro v5.2 APK Free Download

Fast Reboot Pro v5.2 APK Features:

  • The Fast Reboot Pro app allows a device to reboot automatically by closing or restarting the applications on Android devices.
  • The app is mainly compatible with Android Oreo devices.
  • The app includes a user-friendly shortcut toolbar and option having a unique and beautiful layout making it perfect for anyone to keep in their Android devices and improve its performances.
  • Fast Reboot Pro allows you to select if you want to reboot your device every time you unlock it.
  • The notification options of the app work and appear separately for options of manual and scheduled reboots.Fast Reboot Pro v5.2 APK Free

Fast Reboot Pro v5.2 APK Technical Details:

  • Size: 2.74 MB
  • Package Name: Fast Reboot Pro
  • Current Version: v5.2
  • Last Updated: September 17, 2017
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Paid
  • Developer: Great Bytes SoftwareFast Reboot Pro v5.2 APK Free

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