Axelion Icon Pack v1.0.1 APK Free Download

This Axelion Icon Pack as a perfect icon pack containing the entire perfect round square-shaped icons that complete the look of your phone with gradients. Now, this doesn’t mean that Axelion Icon Pack is similar to any other square-shaped icon pack, as there’s more to this. This Axelion Icon Pack works as a completely new as well as fresh icon pack that gives a totally fresh and unfamiliarly pleasing look to your phone. The Axelion Icon Pack is supported and used through about any Android launcher app on all smartphone’s, other than tow. This includes both the apps known to be “GOOGLE NOW” and “PIXEL LAUNCHERS”.

Axelion Icon Pack v1.0.1 APK Download

The amount of icons, as well as wallpapers available on this Axelion Icon Pack, makes it a great app to avail square-shaped icons variety for anyone and everyone. Likewise, the simple and classic looking icon sets available in this pack are just as pleasing to see as is to use on your Android device while keeping the ease at priority. Also, the Axelion Icon Pack also provides its users with a feature of increasing and decreasing the size of their, favorite icon sets, so that they can feel at ease even when they have eyesight issues. Now you can also avail live wallpapers on your device with this amazing app.Axelion Icon Pack v1.0.1 APK Free Download_001

Axelion Icon Pack v1.0.1 APK Features:

  • You can avail the most interesting and fascinating new and Ideal Square shaped icons for your android device with this icon pack.
  • This app provides you with around 1000 vector icons.
  • You can use this application with almost every launcher app available on Android except a few that would be mentioned earlier.
  • Avail great interface of your device with the live wallpaper feature of this app.
  • This app also includes 44 different dock icons as well as 20 different folder icons.
  • The size of the icons can be increased to about 130% only, making it easier to use for those who have eyesight issues.Axelion Icon Pack v1.0.1 APK Free

Axelion Icon Pack v1.0.1 APK Technical Details:

  • Size: 33.39 MB
  • Package name: Axelion Icon Pack
  • Updated version: v1.0.1
  • Last updated: January 31, 2020
  • Category: personalization
  • Price: paid
  • Developer: myAP DevsAxelion Icon Pack v1.0.1 APK

Download Axelion Icon Pack v1.0.1 APK:

Click on the button below to initiate the downloading process of Axelion Icon Pack v1.0.1 APK. This is surely a 100% easy and clean process that performs as a super-fast downloading speed. You may also like to download WPS Office + PDF